Saturday, December 17, 2011

Goals 2011 status report and 2012 details

2011 is quickly coming to an end. I feel like I just got used to writing 2011 on my bank deposit slips and now I have to remember to write 2012! This has been a crazy year (aren't they all?) Its time to look back and see how I did on my goals for this year. Its also time to write down some goals for next year. Let's start with did it shape up???

Here were my goals - the bold is how I did.
1. Increase my speed. I want this to be the year of the sub-5 hour marathon. I start training in January for that. I would also like to complete at least one Half Iron distance triathlon in under 7 hours, dare I say - under 6:30.
Speed was the theme of this year and I am thrilled to say that I achieved goal #1. I completed the Eugene Marathon in 4 hours and 23 minutes. My previous best time was 5 hours and 4 minutes. Going into this race, people told me that it couldn't be done - that type of improvement was impossible. A woman at breakfast on race day told Trevor that I couldn't do it. Obviously, she didn't know me. I was so very proud of myself on this one.
In July, I finished the Rev3 Half Ironman in 6 hours and 23 minutes - previous best time was 7 hours and 4 minutes.
Look for more speed goals in 2012. Now that I have started to push myself, I am excited to see how much more I can do.

2. I really want to work on my swimming. I want the fear and anxiety to lessen this year. I completed the Ironman swim this year. I have that on my swimming resume now. I really want that to help, I want to draw on that accomplishment when I am feeling scared or anxious. I know that I will speed up if I calm down.
This may have been my biggest accomplishment of 2011. In every triathlon we did this year, I was able to stay calm and enjoy the swim. I didn't lay awake at night worried about it. I was able to converse with others in the hours leading up to the swim start. I didn't feel sick to my stomach or scared to death. This year I decided to stop letting the swim control me. Rev3 Portland Half Ironman was the most physical swim I've been in. I was swam over and also had my goggles come off my head when I was kicked by someone. I had to stop for a few minutes and tread water while I got them back on. I was able to remain calm through all of it. What a difference that makes in the grand scheme of things. The day goes much better when I don't waste so much energy worrying about the swim!

3. I want to win my age group at the Girls and Dudes Triathlon in July. Last year I came in second, by 10 seconds. This year I want to win.
Damnit. I came in 2nd again this year - only it was by 3 minutes this time instead of 10 seconds. I raced this event harder than any other. I ran great off the bike - 8:30 miles. I felt really strong. I think the competition keeps getting tougher....we'll see what happens next year!

4. I want to end 2011 with the same feeling of accomplishment I have at the end of 2010.
I feel pretty good about 2011, although I have to say that it will be tough to beat 2010. Hear that 2012...its a challenge!

5. Give all my love to my pets every single day. We lost two of our fur babies this year. I loved them every minute of every day as their time drew near. I want to give that same kind of love to the rest of the pets. I don't want the mundane things in life to be more important. If they want my attention, I will give it to them.
We lost our sweet Opal this year in May. I spent a lot of time with her, especially near the end. Just as I did with the others. We are working on spending quality time with all the pets. With 6 of them, its tough to make sure everyone gets attention, but I think we do pretty well. I love them all with my entire heart and I try to remember that we are all they've got - so its important to make sure they know that we love them more than anything.'s what I working towards:
1. I want to improve my swim. Now that I am feeling comfortable and confident in the water, I want to improve my stroke, swim stronger and faster. At the end of the season last year, Trevor worked with me on bilateral breathing. I don't like change and so this is going to take some work. My goal is to swim all my events this year that way and see how my times improve!

2. Sub 2 hour half marathon. My best time is 2 hours and 30 seconds - I did that in September and it haunts me.

3. Sub 4 hour marathon. Gulp.

4. Sub 6 hour Half Ironman. Double Gulp.

5. And again this year - the goal is to be 1st in my age group at the NWPT Triathlon in July.

I do have some goals that don't pertain to any sort of athletic event, but I'm keeping those to myself. We'll see how 2012 goes....

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