Wednesday, August 3, 2011

10 days

We've had Asha as a part of our family for a little over three weeks (it seems so much longer than that!). We are all having our growing pains, integrating a new little one into the pack, but things have been moving along nicely. She is very smart and that makes it easy to train her. She is, of course, a puppy and does all the same things that seeing/hearing puppies do. She chews, she barks, she pees and poops in the house, she doesn't want to have a harness put on her for a walk and she doesn't sleep through the night.

About two weeks after she came to live with us, Asha had a seizure. I wrote about it in a previous post here . We've just been waiting and hoping that was a one time thing, even though we knew it was not. We had gotten past those first few days of hyper-sensitivity to her every move and were settling down again.

Two nights ago, Asha was so restless. The lack of sleep is getting to us and we are cranky and don't know what to do to get her to settle down. Yesterday I was emailing back and forth with the behaviorist at the humane society where we got Asha. We were talking about ideas to calm her apparent anxiety and restlessness at night. In the middle of an email, my phone rang. It was Trevor - Asha had just had another seizure.

Trevor was working in the garage. When he came back inside, Asha was on the couch - panting really hard. She had peed and pooped and there was drool all over the place. She had the same look on her face as she did after the first seizure just 10 days earlier.

Trevor had a dog, RD, when he was growing up who had seizures. Tragically, RD drowned in their backyard pool, they believe after having a seizure and becoming disoriented. I hate that story, it breaks my heart. RD was about 6 when he died and he had seizures most of his life, so Trevor knows more about this than I do. He knows this is treatable, manageable and not cureable.

After her seizure, Trevor took her to the vet for the once over just to be sure she seemed okay. Asha checked out just fine. By the evening, she was ready for a walk and was playing with the other two just like always.

I have been playing phone tag with the vet. She thinks it may be time to put Asha on some medication since the seizures were pretty close together. I love that little doggie. She is so sweet and soft and loving. She has so much joy and I am just sick about this seizure thing. I want her to have a long, happy, healthy life. So we'll do what we have to do.

By the looks of her, I think she loves living with us....

and we love having her.

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