Saturday, May 7, 2011

Recovery Week is now over

Its been a week since the Eugene Marathon and I am feeling back to normal. The soreness in my body seems to have passed. I worked out all week long and ran for the first time on Friday. It felt pretty good.

Tomorrow, we start training for the Rev3 Half Ironman Triathlon on July 10th. I am working on our training plan and having a little anxiety because we have a lot of training to do before the event and not much time to do it.

My running is solid. Its the swimming and biking that needs some work. I was doing pretty good on swimming until about January. I haven't been in the pool for a few months. I have a swim lesson set up in a couple weeks and after that, I will put the focus on the swimming. We really want the nice weather to get here so we can get in the pond instead of the pool.

Biking. Well, I haven't been outside on my bike since Ironman in August. That was the one time I have been on the bike since my crash. I have been riding my bike inside on the trainer and have pretty good fitness, but riding outside is a whole different ballgame. I know I am going to need to work through some mental issues with the bike. The crash was pretty bad and sometimes I think about it and feel sick to my stomach. I was never really very aggressive on the bike, but that crash will make me much more cautious and may take some of the relaxation out of riding. That is the reason I need to get my ass on that bike out on the roads and get rid of the cobwebs.

Add to this the new workout videos we just got called Asylum. These are pretty high intensity workouts and Trevor is super excited about doing them. I have done a few already and have to admit I am excited too. The one thing that concerns me is the time it will take to fit all this into our schedule.

Next week is the first week of our 9 week training program. We'll see how that goes. I am really looking forward to it and I know Trevor is too. July 10th will be here before we know it. The really nice thing about this event is that it is so close to home. I also feel like we are doing it for fun - there is no pressure, its not the first one we've done and its not part of the road to something else. Its just something we are going to do - swim, bike and run with all our friends. No pressure in will just be much more fun if we are ready for it!!!

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