Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lovin' the Lululemon

I've talked about it here before, I love Lululemon. I love their clothes, I love their stores, I love everything about them. I could totally work at one of their stores and would wear all Lululemon every day. I love how their stuff fits and I really love how I feel when I put it on.

The last few weeks I have been on a bit of a spree. I got some fun running clothes and some other comfy stuff. The running shirts I got claim to be really anti stink. I am doing a little challenge with that and will post more info about that in a day or so.

I am a fan on facebook of the local Lululemon stores. The store in Tualatin - Bridgeport Village - does a caption contest. They post a picture of an item, tell you what words need to be included and offer the item as a prize to the best caption. On Friday, they posted a picture of their Down Time Jacket:

I gave it my best shot...Here is the facebook link to the captions.

I waited and waited and this morning I got the message that I had won!! Trevor and I headed down to collect my winnings. They had the jacket in black, grey, white with grey stripes and another pattern of blue/black and white. I tried them all on and we decided the white with grey stripes was the best option. I was SO excited, the girls who worked there were so excited too. It was just such a great experience. Of course, we made some other purchases while we were there.

Here is how the jacket one of the girls at Lulu said - it looks like it was made for me. The only thing better than buying some new Lululemon gear is WINNING some new Lululemon gear.

I cannot wait to wear this jacket for all kinds of things. I can already tell it is going to be one of my favorites...Thanks Lulu!!

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