Saturday, March 12, 2011

A lot of pain

Starting in high school, I have had recurrent back pain. I remember specific incidents over the year when I have had pain that shot right through me. About 7 years ago, after I had started to run on a regular basis, my chiropractor discovered that I have a leg length difference. My left leg is about 9 mm shorter than my right. I wear a lift in my shoe that helps with this.

Since that discovery, I still have back pain issues but only every year or two. The last couple years, my dr tells me that my problem is weakness in my glutes and hamstrings. I have chronic IT band issues and my quads are always tight and always take the brunt of my activity. My glutes and hamstrings are NEVER sore, even after a marathon or Ironman.

Last week, my IT bands really started bothering me and on Friday morning, my back completely seized up. I was 3 miles into a 6 mile run and kept hoping my back would loosen up. It didn't and I found myself hobbling home.

I headed to the dr, hoping for some relief. He said my pelvis was all twisted up - seems that my quads just can't take anymore and so my back and pelvis work to compensate. I guess they are tired of doing that.

I have been training much harder than ever this time around. I have a specific time goal for the Eugene Marathon on May 1 and the weakness in the back of my legs is now really becoming an issue. I guess I can't ignore it anymore. I have exercises to do and honestly, I can't explain why I haven't done them

I will not be running this weekend and probably not until the middle or end of this week. It hurts so badly that I can hardly move sometimes. Last night, I got no sleep, it hurts to move. After a long, hot shower, things loosened up a bit this morning. I go back to the dr on Monday for some more adjusting and we will see how I am then.

If you have ever had back pain, you know how badly it sucks. Nothing feels good - sitting, standing, laying down - all hurts. I am really hoping that in the next few days, things ease up a bit because I am tired of not feeling good. My friend Todd always says "had a weak back, a week back" anytime I mention something about my back hurting. By this time next week, I hope that I can say that and that I am feeling better!!

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Tiffa said...

I went to chiro for my back issues and it really helped! I also find massage to be helpful, maybe give it a try if you haven't already