Monday, October 11, 2010

Mom...don't look at this post...AKA Ironman Tattoo

Well, its done. Trevor and I went last night and got our Ironman tattoos. We have been thinking about this since before we signed up to do Ironman Canada. I think we may have actually done Ironman ONLY for the tattoo. I put a lot of thought into this, I wanted the Mdot, but I wanted a little more style than that. It had to be something that would remind us of the event, remind us of what it meant to us. For the record, these are not our first tattoos. We already have some and we like them. Tattoos aren't for everyone. It is a personal thing. Here is what I ended up with. I love it. I can't wait to look at it every day for the rest of my life (sorry Mom)
It is on my right upper arm. A friend asked me why I got it on my arm. Many people get them on their calves. My issue with that is that only people behind me would see it and there usually aren't too many people behind me...

Here is Trevor's, his is on his left upper arm.

I think the tattoo hurt more than the event itself!!! But both were worth every minute.