Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life goes on.

It has been strange this week - I come home and there is no Gus to check on, I go up to bed and I can get right into bed, I wake up and there is no worry. It is amazing how you can grow to depend on those things, on that routine, on being needed. I am relieved that its over, but I also miss the routine of it. I miss knowing he was there, no matter how good or bad his day was, he was there...waiting for me to come and see him.

I have been looking for some comfort and eating more than I should. Trail mix is healthy right, even if half of its ingredients are chocolate covered? I went through this when Wookie left us. It took a few days, then I started to feel a little better, not so utterly sad all the time.

Sunday we have a marathon to run - The Columbia Gorge Marathon. It is supposed to be the most scenic marathon in the country. Good news - its going to be windy and rainy, so not sure how that plays into the scenic part!

That will help get us back on track, or at least exhaust us! Either way, its good.
It is hard to believe that its the middle, almost the end of October. This year has sure gotten away from me.

I am finding some comfort and joy in the other animals....all 6 of them. They are all adjusting to Gus being gone, they know something is wrong, they can tell I'm sad and they seem to be giving me more love than usual - which is hard to imagine.

I guess my point is that life goes on. Its full of ups and downs, happiness and sadness. That's what makes it life. Its a good life for us, we'll get back to that soon enough. But for now, we are missing Gus. Alot.

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