Saturday, August 7, 2010

15 down, 3 to go...

I will admit it...I am exhausted, completely, utterly exhausted. I am tired, I am cranky and I have had a headache for three days. My house is a disaster, my yard is even worse. My laundry room has become my closet because I don't have the energy to carry my clothes upstairs. I get up in the morning and go down to the couch, where I go back to sleep until it is time to go swim, bike or run. Its all I can do to make it through the day without falling asleep. My eyes are tired and my mind is a fog.

Welcome to Ironman training. We have three more days until the taper begins. THREE MORE DAYS. Then it is all downhill. We have been climbing this monsterous hill for 6 months now and on Tuesday we will hit the peak, then we will coast downhill to Penticton, arriving on August 29th, where it will be a relief to know that we only have 140.6 miles to go. We will have covered the thousands of miles to get us there.

I know this is how we are supposed to feel right now, but it doesn't make it any easier. I was prepared for the physical exhaustion, but not so much for the mental and emotional exhaustion. I am proud of myself though - I haven't had a crying fit from exhaustion yet. I must not be training hard enough. And even though all I want to do is sleep, once we get out on the swim, bike or run, my workouts feel good. I enjoy the time spent training. But like Trevor said to me, "I"m either training or I am exhausted". It makes me happy to know that he feels like I do.
When I think of what we are going to do on August 29th, I get very emotional. Its a big thing. It really is. It is hard to explain. Its kind of a lonely feeling...knowing what is ahead of us and knowing that no matter how many people are cheering for us, we ultimately will have to cover that distance alone. So, I'll spend the next three weeks coming to terms with that. In the meantime, here's the recap...

Sunday: 84 mile run to Mt. St. Helens - 7 hours and 30 minutes.
Monday: rest day.
Tuesday: 40 minute run with the dogs.
Wednesday: 45 minute open water swim
Thursday: 8 mile run.
Friday: 1 hour and 40 minute swim. Swam the Ironman distance and maybe a bit more - 2.5 miles. Felt good.
Saturday: 60 min ride our training group, included a fall off my bike on a hill. awesome.

Total for the week:
Swim: 2 hours and 25 minutes
Bike: 8 hours and 30 minutes
Run: 2 hours
Weights: 0 min
Total: 12 hours and 55 minutes

18 mile run on Sunday and then Tuesday will be our biggest day - long bike and a run. Then things ease up. We are taking one day at a time....


Sarah said...

Tracy, I am so proud of you. So So proud. And I totally understand the place you are in right now. I was emotionally exhausted before Ironman. Just know that you have put in the work more than anyone I know and you will absolutely be successful. I am so excited for you. Let's talk prior to IM, ok? Much love and hugs!

Runner Leana said...

If it helps to make you feel any better I think that we are all in that place right now. Everyone seems to be very emotional, and according to my coach that is very normal. Whew!

Thanks so much for your e-mail today. I loved it!!!! And it made me cry!

See? Emotional! :)