Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ahhhh....the taper....

Sunday is the Whidbey Island Marathon. This week is our taper week. Last Sunday we ran 4 miles. I can't remember the last "long" run that was only 4 miles. This is the first time we have training for a Spring event. Usually, our heavy training is done in the summer. I feel quite accomplished to have completed our training through the darkest, coldest, rainiest days of the year.

We are running this marathon with our dear friend Doug. Doug is also training for Ironman Cananda with us. I guess if we do enough marathons before IM Canada, we will be able to say "I only have a marathon left" when we get off the bike that day. Its all about perspective.

On Tuesday, I did my last run before the marathon. I love to reflect on my training during those "last" runs. I feel ready for Sunday. I am excited for Sunday. The marathon is such a strange thing. It can be unimaginable if you have never done one. It seems ridiculous - 26.2 miles...why? I know I will ask myself that questions many times on Sunday. Then, I'll turn the corner for the last .2 miles and I will know why. It is in those last minutes that it all becomes clear.

The marathon is a true test of discipline and strong will. I expect it will take me 5 hours. Most people cannot be alone with their thoughts for 5 minutes, must less 5 hours. When you put your body and spirit through such a physical challenge, you learn a lot about yourself. You learn what you can and will endure. You learn how tough you are. You also learn that limitations are things we put on ourselves, things that we allow others to put on us. Limitations do not exist.

Once you do the unimaginable, everything else becomes possible. That is what I look forward to on Sunday...being reminded that I can do anything I set my mind to do. Anything.

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Tina said...

You go girl. Have fun on Sunday.