Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I doubt that I will have time to post here tomorrow, so I better do it today.

We have yoga first thing in the morning and then the Turkey Trot 10k at 9. Dinner is at 1. I am already looking forward to laying on my couch tomorrow night!! Friday we have our big sale at the store - that will be an 11 hour day for all of us, followed by a full day on Sat and running group on Sunday morning. Whew, tired already.

For the last 9 years, I have spent Thanksgivings at Trevor's parent's house. Every year, Sheila (Trevor's mom) makes it clear that she doesn't want to have it anymore. None of us kids care, we always tell her that we've always gone there - we will always go there. Some years, my parents come - I love that. Everyone together.

This year, we are going out to dinner. About two months ago, Sheila broke her knee and is still using crutches to get around. I am pretty sure this was all a set up so she wouldn't have to have Thanksgiving. I was going to volunteer to have it at our house, but Trevor's sister in law started talking about going out to dinner and I didn't stop her! So, out to eat it is...we'll see how that goes.

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. No pressure to get the right present, just good food and usually good company. Growing up, I always looked forward to it. In high school, I worked at a bakery and we were open Thanksgiving morning for last minute rolls and pies. We were always so busy and by the time I got to the my Grammie's or Aunt Pearl's house, I was usually exhausted. I have some memories of going in to the bedroom and sleeping! I have a lot of good memories from those days and from the years with the Bryants.

So, let's see....what am I thankful for this year....

1. My health. And the health of my friends and family.

2. My friends. This year, we have met a lot of new people. We are very fortunate to be involved in the Vancouver Fit running group. Those people are amazing and inspiring. Being around them makes me want to be better. I also have good friends from my previous job and from our business contact. I feel more connected than I have in years.

3. Our business. We made it through our first year in business. We are learning a lot! I am SO thankful that we work together so well. Husband and wife in business together could spell divorce, I don't think it will for us.

4. Our pets. Our family has grown by 2 this past year. We still have everyone - we have 4 pets over the age of 11 and that scares me. We are still a whole family and I love those pets more than any words could ever express. I am probably the most thankful for them.

5. My current state of employment. I am SO happy to be doing what I am doing right now. Enough said.

6. I guess I could go on and on. But I'll stop at 6 main things. Number 6 is Trevor and really he should be number 1, because without him, none of the other things would be possible. I am thankful for my life with Trevor and all that entails. He makes me laugh when things aren't really funny, he pushes me further when I want to stop, he makes me feel loved when I feel alone. He is my best friend and because of him, I am Thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Don't eat too much...oh, what the hell, go ahead and eat too much...its Thanksgiving!!!

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