Sunday, November 22, 2009

Everyone's an Ironman...

In our normal lives, we don't know too many people who have completed an Ironman triathlon. There were two people at my job that had done them, I always thought they were crazy. Then I started blogging and found a friend friends in the blogsphere who were Ironmen/women. After opening our stores, we met one or two customers who have done a them. Then, of course, there is Doug, who we run with - he's the one to blame for our impending Ironman Canada participation. Randy, another person we run with, also an Ironman. Pretty much, though, people in our lives think its crazy.

Our friend Doug invited us to a dinner last night of his triathlon friends. They all get together every now and then. We got there last night and everyone in the room had done multiple Ironman events. Not just one, most of them had done like four or more. The person who's house it was at, didn't even have a count. ummmmmm.....I thought WE were crazy.

It was like being in bizarro world. No one acted like we were nuts, no one acted shocked. Everyone was excited about the fact that Trevor and I would be competing in our FIRST Ironman. Everyone had questions and advice and shared our love of the craziness. It felt normal. Which was strange.

I looked around the room, there were probably 6 couples there and they were all Ironman. Yet, they all looked like regular people. We had great food, great conversation and just a ton of fun. It was nice to hear their stories, learn from their experiences and start to feel like this WAS a good idea!!!

Just about everyone there has done Ironman Canada. At least three of them will be doing it when we do it next August. I really look forward to following their training and spending time with them in Penticton before and after the event.

Most of the people were quite a bit faster than me. For example, my half ironman time was 7 hours, one of the women we were talking to - her time was 5 hours and 30 minutes. UH....maybe they'll all finish up, take showers, eat, clean up and head back down to watch me finish.

It was good motivation. Nice to know that there are other crazier than we are out there. Now we have something to shoot for....thanks again Doug....

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