Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tales of mayhem and darkness

First of all, it is mayhem. I just typed up a big long blog, uploaded a video and then saved it. When I went to view it, 90% of the post was gone. So, I'll try to recreate what I wrote earlier.

I feel like I've written a hundred posts where I've said this - Its been a crazy few weeks around our house. But it has, in fact, been a crazy few weeks.

Our little Maggie, the new 7 month old puppy in our house, has been keeping us up at night. Two nights ago, for the first time, we didn't have to let her out at 2 am. For the first time in three weeks, I was able to sleep through the night. This is a big deal.

You see, I need sleep. Uninterrupted sleep. On a normal day I walk the line between reasonable and unreasonable. I've been called "tempermental". With no sleep or worse yet, interrupted sleep, I am a complete maniac. I'm not proud, but its true. So, when the dog starts crying and yipping at 2 am and Trevor's broken foot keeps him in bed, I have to get up and take Maggie outside.

Usually, when something happens in the middle of the night or needs to be taken care of, Trevor does it. A few months ago, a house across the street was on fire. Our bedroom was full of smoke, there were sirens blaring and lighting up our house. I slept through the entire thing and didn't believe Trevor until I saw the scorched earth later that morning. Trevor said he thought I was dead because no living person would sleep through that. But I did.

Trevor, is the opposite as far as sleep goes. He barely sleeps all night, then he gets his most solid sleep from about 4:30 am to 6 am. The days when I get up and ride my bike on the trainer in the garage are okay for this. Maggie comes out there with me, I'll open the car and she sits in the drivers seat and watches me ride. Then she lays down and sleeps. When I go for a run or do weights, it is not such a good day for Trevor. Maggie doesn't run with me, mostly because I am nervous about running her in the dark. I need to get comfortable running her in the light first. When I am in the workout room, Maggie will come in there with me, but doesn't settle down and will go jump in bed with Trevor.

All of this equals sleep deprivation in our house. It is getting better, I feel like my part of the battle is winding down, I've had three nights of a solid 6 hours sleep. I prefer 8, but considering what its been lately, 6 is a dream come true.

With Trevor's broken foot, he can't go with us on our walks. Three dogs is a little more than I can handle. My hands aren't big enough to really control two leashes in one hand. My knuckles are raw. I've started wearing gloves. Today was warm and by the end of the walk I thought I would pass out from overheating. If you have ever seen the movie Moonstruck - think of the grandfather who lives upstairs and has all the dogs. He takes them for a walk and they are all over the place, they go to the cemetary and they are all over the grave. That's how the walks are. I have had two neighbors ask if I need help. I respond "I do, but not the kind you can give, but thanks!". I think I am finally getting it under control. By the time I do, Trevor will be back with us and it won't matter.

The title of this post is tales of mayhem and darkness. That was the mayhem, now for the darkness. I cannot believe how dark it is when I get up in the morning. I take the dogs for a walk around 6:45 and this last week it has been pitch black. I also notice that I don't need my sunglasses on the drive home. I hate that. I do love Fall and I love the changing colors of the trees. I could sit and look at that all day long, I just love it. It reminds me of home. But the darkness, can't stand it. And the rain has started too - dark and rainy. God help me. I guess I need to start taking some megadoses of Vitamin D. Did you know that our bodies don't make any of that from November to Februray. Seasonal Affect Disorder. SAD. Yes, I have it.

We are really just getting by around here - just like every other family out there. Here are some pictures to make it all better.

Here's Opal and Maggie when I left for work the other morning.

Maggie has a little coat and pack that she wears when we walk. I think she likes it!
Our first trip to the park.
Norwyn watching Maggie get her first bath.
Maggie's first bath.

We are really trying to do the things with Maggie that we wish we would have done with our other dogs. Opal is 12, Wookie is 13, so trying to give them their first bath would go terribly wrong. We figured we start early with Maggie. Same thing with the coat and pack, that way she is ready to run or hike. The others wouldn't stand for it and at this point in their lives, we don't make them do much that they don't want to do.

Word for the day - exhausted. Opal feels the same way - she sleeps downstairs on the couch and when I get down there in the morning, she is usually up. She hears me on the stairs and gets up. The last few days, she is still on the couch, she lifts her head and looks at me, then puts it back down and goes back to sleep. This little puppy is wearing her out. Our favorite part of the day is when Opal and Maggie play. It happens every night and it is so funny. It is clear that it making Opal very tired. Watch this video, you'll see how it goes.


Runner Leana said...

Wow, it really sounds like you have a lot going on! Maggie is a super cute pup. Good luck with the puppy training!

I know what you mean, it is dark out so late in the morning and so early in the evening now!!

Tina said...

Love the video. They were playing pretty calmly for about 2 minutes...and then all hell broke loose! Very cute.