Thursday, October 8, 2009

Portland Marathon Race Report Part 2

Always more to say, plus I have pictures!

Crazy things can happen during 26.2 miles. Around mile 22, I heard a familiar voice. I turned around and there was Steve - a friend of a friend. He is a super fast runner and I couldn't figure out why he'd be running at my pace. I saw that he was running with another guy, obviously helping him along. I said hi to him and we laughed about meeting there! He had his camera with him and kept running ahead to take some pictures. So I ended up with these pictures, all from mile 21 on. That was a nice surprise. I think I look pretty good for being 4 hour into the run. What do you think?

Mile 21 - eating the last of my Hammer Gels. I was worried about them, usually they are smooth, but today they were gritty. I don't know what that was about, but my stomach was not upset even one time during the run so it must have been okay!

Running down Greeley, it was probably about 1/2 a mile or more and my legs were SCREAMING. I wanted to walk, but knew that would provide no relief and would only take me longer to finish.

This is my favorite picture. I knew Steve was taking it and unlike the other pictures, I had no energy to smile. I was really wondering how I would make it the next mile. Trevor loves this picture because the others are walking and I am running. My mom said, "The last one looks like you are cool and the rest are fighting the run - I can imagine that you will pull out ahead of them." I love that.

Pictures are always fun!

I still cannot believe that it was such a good day. I mean, 10 days before I couldn't even get out of bed without falling to the floor. My back hurt so bad. I wasn't sure I'd even make it to the start line. The idea that I ran 26.2 miles, only walked through water stations and have NO PAIN in my back is really impossible for me to believe. I have these the drs at Clearwater Clinic to thank. Dr. Jake and Greg - if you ever need something fixed, they are your men - here's their website -

I downloaded the information from my heart rate monitor and was looking at what my pace was and where my heart rate was for the marathon. I swear, I have one speed - its called "Go". My average pace for the first six miles was only 13 seconds faster than my average pace for the last six miles. So I basically ran the entire 26.2 miles at the same speed. The last time I ran a marathon, I ran the first 16 miles at one pace and then the last 10 miles were about 4 minutes per mile slower. I know I've said it before, its true, I am so different now than I was then.

I didn't get much time to really reflect on the event because I was so concerned with getting Trevor home and settled. That broken foot really upset me and I couldn't stand watching him hobble around. I wanted him to have run the race so that we could compare notes and talk about how we had done. It wasn't the same to do it by myself. The thing I love most about doing these crazy things is doing them with Trevor. Some of the joy goes away when he can't share it with me.

At the finish line, when I hugged Trevor, I cried and told him how sorry I was that he didn't get to feel what I was feeling. I was also sorry that we didn't get to spend time enjoying it with all our friends who had run the race. We got to celebrate with them on Monday night at our "celebration dinner".
Trevor altered his "finisher shirt" to accurately reflect his course that day.

Vancouver folks. I love these people. Seriously. Love. Them.

All in all, it was a good day. I have been sore and tired all week, but overall, feel pretty good. I am ready to look ahead and figure out what the next year will bring. I'm sure it will be beyond my wildest imagination. If someone else had my life...I'd be jealous.

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