Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stop the madness!

I need Susan Powter to come to my house and yell at me "STOP THE MADNESS" Ever since the marathon, three weeks ago, I have been eating like a ferocious jackass and it is now officially out of hand. The first week, I was like "well, I ran 26.2 miles on Sunday, so I need to refuel". I was refueling with a lot of junk. We usually have treats on the weekends. Cupcakes with lunch on Saturday from the awesome bakery next to our store and then ice cream for dessert on Sat and Sun nights. It has stretched from that normalness to an every day quest for something sweet.

I feel like total crap. My clothes are starting to fit tight from all the bloating I am having due to the unusual amount of salt, sugar and preservatives I have been inhaling. Here's just an example of what just about every day this week has been like:

-My usual pre and post workout shake
-Americano and oatmeal from Starbucks (usually I have a hard boiled egg and english muffin, but this week that oatmeal just seemed so much better, plus, I ran out of eggs)
-Lunch - burrito and chips, philly steak pita or a quesidilla. I usually bring lunch from home, but a friend has decided we need to eat out every day and instead of making my usual good choices, 've gone for what looks best on the menu. Not such a bad idea when you eat out once in a while, but four days in a row....not so much
-Afternoon snack - this is where is goes down hill and fast. Instead of my normal trail mix, I've been adding m&ms. Or taking a trip to Starbucks and getting a latte (no so bad) and a muffin.
-Dinner is usually pretty on track, just because by that time I am starting to feel like crap. Usually because of the Halloween candy I get when I stop at the grocery store for cat litter or some other item that I really don't need, but use as an excuse to go the place where I can get Halloween candy. Or cake. Or cookies.
8 o'clock rolls around and I have come down off my sugar high and tell myself that tomorrow will be different. Then tomorrow comes and I do okay until my morning snack. Then I climb up the ladder to the biggest slide around and its all downhill from there.

Thank goodness that I have been sticking to my workout routine. I haven't weighed myself, mostly because I figure - what's the point? Like I don't know that what has been happening the last few weeks isn't a good thing. I figure when I eventually feel crappy enough, I'll go back to normal. I am pretty sure I've hit that point.

There's nothing wrong with the occassional splurge. That can, in fact, be healthy by keeping you on track. There is a lot wrong with what's been happening around here lately!! Time to get back to normal. As my boss says, "enough of this hilarity, get back to work". Time to get back to work.


Marni said...

You'll get back on track. Remind yourself of what it means to eat to maintain weight (kcal, nutrients, etc.). Then add in your exercise and eat accordingly to balance that exercise (for maintenance) or a little less (for wt. loss). Protein with all meals and snacks (as you are doing eggs w/ toast, nuts with oatmeal, etc.). I'll be summing up my dietetic cert. course shortly so maybe some of the info will help you out ;)
Hope your zoo is happy!!

Sarah said...

Oof, sugar always makes me crave more. I had to stop keeping ice cream that I like in the house (husband has a flavor that I hate). I'm trying to avoid halloween candy at work, but it's tough.

I rejoined WW so that I have some accountability with weighing in and tracking. It's going well so far, I got through the weekend on points. Woot. Small victories, right? The trouble lies when you let one week of splurging turn into week and weeks (not that I'd know anything about that...ahem...)

Runner Leana said...

Good luck getting back on track! I have the same issue too after any big race. And Halloween is just an evil time of year with all those cute, yummy little candies!