Friday, September 21, 2012 update

Wow.  It has been a long time since I posted.  I have so much to post about just no time to post it!  My parents were saying that they could tell I had been busy because they checked my blog and there was nothing!  I have written several blogs in my head and will try to cover it all…

In one of my last posts, I was excited about being hired as the part time Volunteer Services Manager at the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society.  I also had just be hired as a spin/cycling instructor at the local gym.  I signed up to sub about 9 classes a week over a three week period because everyone was on vacation.  

The job at the Humane Society was way more than I had anticipated and my head was swimming with all the amazing things I was learning there and with all the things I wanted and needed to do.  I was loving teaching cycling.  If I had known that I would be starting another job, I probably wouldn’t have signed up for so many two a day classes!  I found myself running from the gym to the shelter and back to the gym. Rushing everywhere, always just a couple minutes late.

Our August 21st, I got a call from my friends at Rev3.  They had a race coming up on August 28th in Old Orchard Beach Maine.  They were in a bit of a pickle with their volunteer situation and wanted to know if I would help out between then and the race.  And would Trevor and I be able to come to Maine to work race weekend.  Their Volunteer Director was having some medical issues that were keeping her out longer than anticipated.  I said sure and then we tried to clear our schedule and figure out how to get things planned.

I spent the next week filling every minute of free time with emails  and phone calls, planning and creating documents for the race.  For the first time in a long time, maybe ever, I realized that I was totally over committed.  I had said yes to WAY too many things.  Yet I was excited about all of them and so it wasn’t so bad. I just felt rushed every second of every day.  Like there just wasn’t enough time.

Trevor and I took the red eye to Boston on the Thursday before the race, a week after we were invited to join Rev3 in Maine.  The red eye seemed like a good idea, but as I lay with my head on the tray table as if it were a pillow, I realized that the red eye was NOT a good idea.  

We arrived in Boston and made the two hour drive to Old Orchard Beach.  We were exhausted before the weekend even began.  Trevor had a cold that was going downhill fast. I wasn’t so sure we would make it out of Maine without a trip to the Emergency Room.  Over the weekend he just got worse and every time I saw him it made me want to cry.  But there was no other choice except to power through and that’s what he did.

In true Rev3 fashion – the weekend was a whirlwind.  The crew of about 20-30 people swooped in on Thursday, built our own little city, put on an Olympic and 70.3 distance triathlon for 1200 athletes.  We had about 400 volunteers.  It was hectic and crazy and a TON of work.  It was also fun, amazing and inspirational.  I love that Rev3 crew.  They are hard workers and good people.  The 17-20 hour days wear on you, but in the end, the finished product makes me proud and honored to be a part of their team.  By Sunday night we were cleaned up. Monday we hit the road for home.

 We got home Monday night and hoped we could get some rest.  We had a new house sitter staying with our pets while we were gone.   Our house is a lot of work, our pets are not easy and this guy will not be returning.  He did a great job while we were gone and I was surprised when he said “sorry it didn’t work out”.  I guess Asha wasn’t happy with the new  sitter because she didn’t sleep at all while we were gone. 

Tuesday morning at 9:01, the phone rang. It was the shelter (not mine, the other one in town that we foster for).  They had a little doggie who needed to go to a foster home.  Wishbone was a little terrier/jack Russell mix who was not doing well in the shelter.  She had fear aggression and was labeled unadoptable and put on the list for euthanasia.  Her last chance was to see how she would do in a home. 

I was exhausted, Trevor was sick.  We had no time or energy for anything else and I picked Wishbone up that afternoon.  While I wasn’t sure I had it in me to help, I knew she was out of chances and I couldn’t say no.  This little doggie changed my life.

Wishbone did great in our home, our other animals did great with her.  She ran and played, mimicked the other dogs, learned from them.  She sat in the sun and slept with me at night.  She was a great dog and would be a great dog for some lucky family.  We had a meet and greet with someone who wanted to adopt her, they fell in love and she eventually went on to be a part of their family.

I cried when I said goodbye to her. I loved her, I will always love her.  She is alive because of us and there is no doubt about that.  She gave me the opportunity to feel good about myself.  I am proud of what we did for her and I love what she did for us.  I have gotten some updates from her new mom. Her name is now Bailey and she is adjusting well.

In the meantime, I had gotten another call from Rev3.  Their Cedar Point, Ohio race was coming up on September 9th and could Trevor and I come there too?  We again scrambled to get everything covered.  The tricky part this time was that we had our own triathlon that was taking place on the 9th.  Every year we put on a sprint and Olympic distance triathlon.  We needed to find someone to take that over for us.  We also needed to schedule a new house/pet sitter.  Plus get all our other stuff covered.

Our friend Brian, took on our triathlon, our Pet Sitting company (Home Buddies) found us a great new sitter and we were able to get the rest taken care of too.  So it was off to Ohio for another Rev3 Adventure!

This race was epic – Saturday would have a sprint and a kids triathlon, Sunday would be a half and a full distance triathlon.  Over 1900 athletes and 850 volunteers.   We again swooped in on Thursday and got all set up.  Saturday morning we arrived at the race site in the midst of a storm - gale force winds, pouring rain, rip current warnings in the lake.  The sprint and kids races turned into runs. 

Sunday morning, the weather was perfect and the longer distance races went off as planned.  We arrived that morning around 4:30 am and did not get back to our hotel until almost 3 am the next morning.
  We got up on Monday and spent the day packing up.  We headed home on Tuesday and again hoped to get some rest.  Right back at it, we hit the ground running.  

All of the above could have had posts of their own, but this will have to suffice. If I tried to get them all done individually, it would never happen.  We had another foster cat last week and currently have another foster dog. I will post about them on their own.  This weekend I am in New Jersey for my 20 year high school reunion and hopefully I have the chance to post on that.  I expect lots to talk about.  Until then....stay tuned....

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