Saturday, September 29, 2012

Foster Romeo update!

Today, our sweet Romeo was adopted.  I delivered him to his new home this afternoon.  I cried the whole way home. I miss that little guy so much.

Romeo had a tough start.  You can read about it HERE.  Over the past two weeks, he has really relaxed and turned into a great dog.  He warmed up to Trevor and this morning jumped up on the couch to be with him and licked his face.

Romeo loved our other animals.  He especially loved Maggie and our cat Murray.  He slept with me every single night and I loved it.

Trevor and I were out of town for a weekend and we had a pet sitter stay at our house.  Romeo growled at her the first time she arrived, then warmed up pretty quickly.  A couple nights later, he took a trip to the emergency vet because he was very lethargic and couldn't walk.  He spent two nights there. They did some tests and couldn't come up with a solid reason for why he acted that way.  He had behaved in a similar fashion when he first arrived at our shelter.  Our best guess is that he was stressed and he expressed that by shutting down.

We picked Romeo up from the emergency vet when we got back in town and he has been just fine.

 On Thursday, a nice man came into the shelter to ask about Romeo.  He was SO nice and seemed very kind.  I wasn't sure how Romeo would do with a man, but figured we would see.  I cried the whole way home and then sat in my garage and read his application.  Everything I read made me believe this would be a good home for Romeo.

Friday, the nice man came to the shelter and met Romeo.  Our little guy walked right over to him and by the time he left, Romeo would sit on this lap.  He was the one.  Romeo's new dad was going to come back on Saturday to take him home. He would be working Friday night and didn't want to leave Romeo alone.  He has a 17 year old daughter who I knew would LOVE Romeo.  I was actually happy to have one more night with the little guy.

Saturday morning we took Romeo to the shelter while I worked and Trevor helped.  12 o'clock came and Romeo's dad wasn't there.  I called the number on his application but it was the wrong number.  That didn't seem like him, but I figured if he wanted Romeo, he would come down to get him. (I had told him I would only be there until noon)

Around 3 pm, I got a call from a volunteer who was at the shelter to walk dogs and Romeo's dad was there to get him.  He said he had left a message and could come back on Sunday.  I drove down the shelter, listened to the message and called him back (I had read a 7 as a 2 in his phone number!).  He was ready for Romeo, so I headed over to his house to deliver him.

Romeo was fast asleep in the passenger seat and had no idea what was in store for him!

I arrived at the house and Romeo did great, no growling or anything.  He really liked the daughter and didn't mind the dad or the male teenage boy.  There was lots of tail wagging and investigating.  We sat at the table and filled out paperwork.  Romeo would check in with me now and then.

Finally the time came to leave.  I picked him up and said my goodbye.  I tried so hard not to cry as I told him how great his life was going to be and how I would always love him.  Then I handed him over to the daughter and left.

I cried the whole way home - a combination of happy and sad tears.  Its hard to let go.  I loved that little guy from the first second I met him, scared and trembling in his kennel.   I don't know how his story will end and I will most likely never see him again.  But I will love him always and a piece of my heart is with his heart.

I love how my animals were with him and with the other fosters.  They have been so tolerant and welcoming and that just makes me love our babies even more.  They are fosters too - brothers and sisters.

I have always thought it would be impossible to foster.  We got Maggie and Asha from foster homes and both times I cried when we left and said "How can they let them go".  I now understand how they did it  and know that they probably were sad after we left. 

Two weeks ago today, Romeo was scheduled to be euthanized at the shelter in California - I got this picture from the woman that rescued him.

Tonight, he is Home.

To be able to play a part in this story, to be the bridge between Romeo's old life and his new one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done.  It hurts my soul to know that literally thousands of animals like Romeo are killed in shelters every single day.  Wonderful, amazing, sweet doggies and kitties who would make terrific pets, die each day.  I can't wrap my head around it.

So while I cry tonight for missing my Romeo and I cry with happiness for him and his new family, I cry out of frustration and anger for every creature who will never have the same chance at life.  And I cry for the world we live in for letting it happen.  

Please spay and neuter all your pets.  Adopt, foster, volunteer, donate, be aware.  Please.  


Sarah said...

You have such a big heart to be able to do this. You guys give back in so many ways. I know you made a difference in Romeo's life, and he very much appreciated it!

We rescued our Charlie, and I'm grateful every day for the family that fostered her.

Sarah said...

You have such a big heart to be able to do this. You guys give back in so many ways. I know you made a difference in Romeo's life, and he very much appreciated it!

We rescued our Charlie, and I'm grateful every day for the family that fostered her.