Saturday, August 18, 2012

Meowser up for adoption! Welcome to another foster

We have had Meow Ser for a week.  When he first came to stay with us, he could barely open his eyes, they were so infected.  He would hide in the closet and not come out.  He let me give him medicine and showed no protest.

Every day we would go sit in the room with him.  We have one bedroom that we had designated as the "cattery", where the fosters go.  We have a bed made on the floor, a chair in front of the window and it is in the back corner of the house.   It is a quiet, calm place.  I like going in there to work on my computer or just sit quietly.

It took a couple days but Meow ser started coming out to sit with me and let me pet him.  Over the week, he got better and better.  His eyes got less goopy and he started to protest getting his medicine.  He was coming back to life!

Every night, Trevor would go sit with him for a bit and Meow ser always wanted to lay on his chest.

 The last day of his stay with us, I spent a couple hours with him, doing work.  He laid with me the entire time, most of it spent on his back, in utter bliss.

Just like with Farrah and Lola before him, I told him that his stay with us was coming to an end.  I told him that it would be okay, he was going back to the shelter where he would wait to find his forever home.  Then I cried, just like with the other two, as I hoped with all my heart that his next home would be his last and that they would love him and care for him and that when he took his last breath, the would be there with him.  While I will probably not know how life turns out, I know that he has a chance because of us and that feels good. I also know that I will love him forever.

Trevor took him back to the Humane Society for SW Washington and he went up for adoption immediately. I hope he is gone by the end of the weekend.  He came home with a new little one.  Her name is Penelope.  She was an owner surrender.  She is so depressed in the shelter that she has stopped eating.  She has lost two pounds, has multiple illnesses and infections and really has given up on life.

We got her home and she immediately started to eat. I sat with her for about an hour, trying to work on the computer and she was all over me!  I couldn't even work. I put my computer aside and just loved her.  She rubbed my face, purred and purred.  If I stopped petting her, she would reach out and touch me as if to say "I haven't been getting enough pets....please don't stop".  I petted her until she decided that was enough.  Then she just laid down next to me.  Content.  Happy to be out of the shelter.  We'll get her healthy and then she too can go find her forever home.  This is a cat that would surely not survive if left in the shelter, she would never get better and there isn't room for sick cats.  With a little TLC, she'll be able to be shown for adoption.  Of course, we love her already and can't wait to spend the next week showing her.

If you are local and you are interested in adopting Meow ser, please contact the Humane Society for SW Washington. No matter where you live, please do what you can - adopt, foster, donate, volunteer, spay and neuter your pets and chose to rescue, not buy or breed.   Please.  They need us.  All of us.


Keith said...

We brought two cats home from MEOW Foundation a few weeks ago. They are settling in very well. There were another 50 cats or so we could have picked. Some of them were obviously great cats, and others you could see it would take a little while to find the great cat within.

We haven't talked much about fostering cats. Our work schedule doesn't really permit it. But I think I'd have a really hard time bringing in a cat, perhaps a mom with kittens, helping them get healthy, and then having them go back to the home. It needs to happen and I'm glad it's being done, I'm just not sure I could. I always wonder what the cats think of the foster home, if they think they somehow weren't good enough, or didn't pass the test and so have to go back to MEOW or SPCA.

Tracy said...

I know. I wonder what they think too and don't want them to feel like we didn't want them. It's hard to let them go and I cry each time. At our shelter, when they go up for adoption they go quickly. Their issue is the sick cats, a minor illness turnstile because they can't get well. Then they end up being put down. If they can go somewhere quiet and calm, they can get better quickly and then be adopted. I feel really good about that. A little confusion is okay, the option for these is most likely death and I have come to terms with that and so while its hard, I can do it.