Friday, July 13, 2012

Our new additions

The last few weeks, we have been reading all kinds of information about how the local Humane Society is over run with cats.  I read it in the paper and saw it on facebook - they had over 280 cats that were looking for homes. Sadly, this is a kill shelter and we knew that most of those animals would probably not find homes.

We have three cats already, we used to have four, our Gussie died about a year and a half ago. Heaven knows, our hands have been full with Asha.  The last couple months, we have been getting our feet under us and are starting to get back to a somewhat normal life (whatever that means).  So, when Trevor said that we should go get a cat, I felt like we could handle that.  

Two Sundays ago, we headed over to the shelter to see who wanted to come home with us.  It is so hard to choose.   All those faces, I want to save them all.  We walked around and tried to decide who to even visit with.  We were looking for a boy cat - hoping that Tuna would accept that better than a girl cat.  We really wanted to find a kitty that could play with him.  

Right at the front of the cat section was a beautiful fluffy siamese looking cat named Comet. Trevor put his finger into Comet's cage and was greeted with a claw.  Comet wanted to play. Trevor thought he would be a good friend for Tuna.   We wanted to meet a few cats, so we kept looking around.  As I walked along one side of the cages, a little paw from the bottom row reached out and grabbed my leg. I bent down and saw a fluffy orange and white cat that looked just like Gus.  His name was Tabor.  I had not been looking for another Gus, but this guy make me catch my breath.

We chose several other kitties to meet - 4 in total.  We went into the visitation rooms and met Comet, then another kitty.  I told Trevor that I wasn't feeling it, these guys didn't seem to care all that much about us.  We met a third cat who liked us, but still I wasn't sure. Then, they brought in Tabor.  He walked right over to me, climbed up on my lap and touched me with his paw.  At that point, I started to cry and said to Trevor "this is the one". There was no doubt.  I just knew that this guy was coming to live with us. He looked SO much like Gus and heaven knows, I have never loved anyone or anything like I loved Gus.

The decision was made. Trevor went to fill out the paperwork and I sat with Tabor, who we had already named Murray and fell more in love every second.

Murray had to be neutered, so he would stay a day or two and we would bring him home when he was ready.

Over the next 24 hours, Trevor would not stop talking about Comet.  On Monday afternoon, the shelter called to say that Murray was ready to come home.  I asked if Comet was still available.  He was.  I got to the shelter and before I picked up Murray, I filled out the paperwork to bring Comet home the following day.

I was nervous about Comet because he played rough - he would bite and claw at us, but Trevor really clicked with him, so I figured what the hell...what's another animal with issues at our house - We're all Crazy here.  Come join us Comet.

We got Murray home and settled him into one of the spare rooms. I quickly realized that he has some sort of respiratory infection - he was sneezing and his nose was running.  I slept on the floor with him that first night to make sure he was okay.  In the morning, he was not better so we took him to the vet to get some medicine.

That afternoon, I picked Comet up from the Shelter.  He was so happy to come home with me. We weren't sold on the name Comet, so we spent the next couple days trying out names on him.  He is staying in the front room, separate from the others to be sure he isn't sick.

Its been just over a week since both these guys came to live with us and I love them both tremendously.  Murray has been really sick.  I have slept with him every night and he is finally getting better.  I think he has an eating problem because he eats way more than any cat I have ever know.  He is so sweet and I can't wait until he can meet the others.

We chose the name Kato for Comet.  He has kung fu skills, like Bruce Lee in The Green Hornet. While I was worried that he would play too rough, we have found him to be such a good little guy.  He's started to meet the other kitties and he really wants to be friends with them.  None of them are too sure and there has been lots of hissing.  Last night, he slept on the bed with me, Trevor, Daisy, Tuna and Roxie.  I can't wait until Murray can be there too!

Murray seems to be just about better, so I haven't slept with him the last two nights, mostly because we was playing all night long and that kept me awake. I was there to comfort him not play!

Its fun having some new guys in the house.  Sunday, we take Murray back to the vet for a recheck, then we should have the go ahead to let all the pets meet each other.  I look forward to having everyone integrated.  Its funny how they each have their own little personalities.  I love them all and am so glad we chose to bring these two home with us.

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Hyacinth said...

Congratulations on your new furries :) I love that two shelter kitties found themselves such a great new home :) Hope Murray has recovered from his cold.