Monday, March 26, 2012

The most fabulous weekend

I will admit it....I love being lazy. Laying on the couch, doing nothing all day, is my favorite place to be. But I have to have my favorite beings with me - the dogs and Trevor. Without them, its not the same.

We used to spend most of our Sundays on the couch. Its our only day off and we almost always start it with a long run, then we'd come home and hit the couch. We've eat, watch movies and nap all day long. Buster and Maggie love it too. They would also snooze with us and it was our best snuggling time.

Asha came to live with us on July 9th and we haven't had a relaxing Sunday on the couch since. She refuses to settle down, she wants to run and bark. As I've mentioned before, Maggie would get really upset with Asha, so we were all on high alert. Not relaxing at all.

I have been longing for a relaxing Sunday. We had a brief glimpse of this a couple weeks ago. Asha feel asleep for a bit and I think I napped on the couch for about an hour. The next weekend we went right back to our normal chaos.

Saturday nights used to be my favorite too. That's the only night of the week (except Sunday) that Trevor and I are both home at 5:30. We get to have dinner together and relax on the couch, catching up on all our DVR'd shows. That also stopped when Asha came to live with us. Saturday night became more an exercise is energy management - trying to keep Asha busy until it was time for bed.

This weekend, the stars aligned and we went back in time to our "normal" weekend habits. Saturday night, Asha was very calm. While we ate dinner, we put her in the kennel with a bone. After we were done eating, she wanted to come join us on the couch. And she did. She layed right down and snoozed. Sometimes her eyes would be open and she was just relaxing, some times she would sleep soundly. Maggie and Buster were in heaven. I was too.

Sunday morning, we went for our usual run. Afterwards, we came home and had breakfast. Again, Asha went into her kennel with a bone. Its too much to have her and the other two dogs around us when we are eating. Food can set off both Maggie and Asha, so we just keep them separated.

After lunch, Asha came out of her kennel and again settled down on the floor by the couches, where she slept for almost two hours. I took a nap and Trevor watched a movie. After a bit, Asha woke up and jumped right up on the couch with me and Maggie, where she snored away for another hour.

After she woke up, we took all three dogs on a walk. We went about a mile from our house to a wooded path that travels along a stream. Maggie LOVES the water, so we gave her the chance to frolic. She has been such a good girl lately and we wanted to reward her. Buster hates the water, but loves the path through the woods. This was Asha's first time on the trail and she so enjoyed all the new smells and feelings. She even got into the stream and Trevor said she liked the way the water felt between her toes. She was so adventurous, she wanted to check everything out. Its funny to watch her in a new environment, she lifts her feet up an extra little bit when she walks because she is unsure of the terrain.

I loved seeing our kids have so much fun. Maggie is the happiest when she is chest deep in the water. I really enjoy giving Asha new experiences. It makes me feel good to see her doing new and different things, especially since she is not afriad. And Buster, well, that little man is just the cutest thing ever no matter what we do.

We came home and everyone was so tired. They were all asleep on the couch again within about 10 minutes. We made dinner and enjoyed the silence. I could not believe it. I kept telling the dogs that Saturday night was the best ever. Then Sunday was the best ever too.

This morning we were back to running and barking, but the memories of the weekend helped me keep my sanity. I wasn't so sure we'd ever get to relax again and knowing its possible is such a relief.

Maggie couldn't believe it either. But we decided not to question it and maybe it will be repeated every weekend from now on....

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