Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Maggie!

Our girl turns 3 today. I feel like she just turned 2, she is growing up so fast and I hate how time is just flying by. I want to enjoy every second with her. She knows something is special about today, but she's not quite sure what.

Maggie has been part of our family for 2 and half years now. Hereis my first post about Maggie.

We love this doggie. We just love her. She has changed so much since she first came to live with us. She was so timid and scared of things. Then, Buster came to live with us and he brought her out of her shell. She gained more confidence and wasn't so afraid. She still gets scared of loud noises, she isn't a big people person and she gets really skiddish around brooms, mops, shovels and rakes. We are pretty sure that she was either hit with these things, has stuff thrown at her or both, before she was dropped at the shelter.

This was Maggie with our niece Taylor, right after she came to live with us.
There are so many things about Maggie that make her special to us. She has the largest vocabulary of any animal I've ever known. We have to spell words so she doesn't know what we are talking about and now she's even caught onto that. She loves the sun - when its shining (which is rare around here), she goes out into the back yard and totally basks in it! She loves her kennel and bedtime. She's a lounger - she'll sit on the couch and just relax.

She loves peanut butter and food treats, but can't control herself around them. She gets crazy, so we have to limit those things. She loves to play with Buster and sometimes with Asha. She gets along with the cats and talks to us alot.

When she is playing with the other dogs, she does the "Maggie roll", she'll do a little somersault either on the floor or off the couch. She likes to pull socks out of the laundry basket and chew on them and she loves to play with stuffed toys (she eventually pulls the stuffing out).

This has been a tough year for Maggie. Opal died last May and Maggie loved Opal.
Then Asha came to live with us and that's been an adjustment for all of us, Maggie has had the hardest time with it.
She's really worked alot on coming to terms with the changes and has settled back into herself. She told me today that she wants her year 3 to be about peace and flowers.

We love Maggie...she's our girl. I hope she lives to be 20.

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