Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a week.

Its been a tough week. Last Friday, I ran 17 miles and it was a struggle, I just didn't feel right. Sunday, the head cold set in. By the end of the week it had blossomed into a sinus infection, like every head cold I ever get does. Ugh.

Finally, on Friday, I was able to get in to see the doctor and got an antibiotic. It is always amazing to me how fast that works. I felt much better this morning. I had planned a 20 mile run for Friday. Trevor and I agreed it would be best to take Friday as a rest day from working out, get some medicine in me and give it my best shot on Saturday morning.

I got up at 5:30 this morning and headed out around 6:30. What a long, tough run!! There were many times I thought about taking a short cut and just going home. Every time I passed a store, I thought about calling Trevor to come get me. But I just kept plugging along.

I don't like to deviate from my schedule. I am especially this way with working out. Trevor always says he can tell when I am REALLY sick, because I don't work out. Luckily, I got the medicine before it got that bad.

It took all I had to finish up my run and I ran the entire way. My pace was actually 7 seconds faster per mile than was scheduled! I figure that pushing through these tough ones will make the good ones even that much better!!

I feel okay, just exhausted. I can't wait for pizza later tonight and falling asleep on the couch. I am proud of myself and looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

I was out on the run for 3 and a half hours. During that time, I did a lot of self talk. I was certainly wondering why the hell I was running, why I cared so much about this goal I have set for myself. Then I remembered one of my new favorite quotes: "I didn't say it would be easy, I said it would be worth it". That got me through.

Later today,I got an email from a friend asking how my run went and when my first marathon was this year. I loved that he said "first marathon", as if it goes without saying that there will be more than one. Who is this person I have become?? I don't know, but she sure needs some sleep!!

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