Friday, December 11, 2009

Love it when people surprise a good way...

I am a very skeptical person. I expect the worst of everything and everyone. You have to win me over. I think its in my blood, I don't trust anyone and it takes a lot to earn my trust. I usually hate something before I even give it a chance. Great qualities...I know...but I'm being truthful here.

I am working to be more open-minded about things and people. I've been doing a lot of networking lately and am consiously keeping myself open to these new people. Shutting down will defeat the purpose of networking.

We have been working with a new training at our store - he puts on a bootcamp class two nights a week at his gym. I went to one of the classes a few weeks ago and watched. Afterwards, I did a nutrition seminar. The class was very straightforward, one minute at each station, 10 seconds between. All the stations were basic - push ups, planks, squats, stair machine. I actually thought to myself "How easy is that?"

Trevor and I signed up to take the class one night a week and I told Trevor he'd probably feel like the workout wasn't enough. HOLY CRAP was I wrong. We've done two weeks of the class so far and it has just about killed me. seriously. What the hell is that about? My heart rate is super high, my muscles burn, I sweat like a maniac. This guy is good.

I love that. I love that I was surprised and it makes me feel good to know that I was wrong. The Universe is punishing me for doubting. My body is completely wiped out today and I like that....alot....

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Lisa said...

You remind me of Chad! He is the same way and never trusts anyone. I am always telling him to give people the benefit of the doubt. I am the complete opposite and tend to trust and like most people I meet. The only thing I feel about those networking events is stressed out! It is a little too much for me I will admit. I tend to do much better in one on one settings.
You will meet good people trust me, you met me! lol