Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vancouver's All American Triathlon race report

We did this event last year. Here is the link to the blog post about it. What a difference a year can make! We sponsored this event again this year. Packet pick up was at our store, so many of the participants were familiar with us and many of the participants were customers. Lots of familiar faces on the course. Its a small, local event with about 50 entrants.

I love this pond. It feels like home.

This race takes place in familiar territory. The swim is in Klineline pond, about two miles from our house. This is where we did all our open water swimming this year. The bike ride is on the hilly roads around our house, where we did much of our bike training this summer. The run is on the Salmon Creek path, where we have been running for about 8 years now. Even so, I was nervous. Not as nervous as usual, but still nervous.

The event started at 10 am, so there was lots of time to think about it!! We got down there and set up our booth, talked to some people and got ready to go. It was finally time and we walked over to the start - right by the tree where we always leave our stuff during our Tuesday night swims.

It was getting hot already and the water was really cool, it felt SO good. We got in, it was time to go and off we went. It took me a bit to get into a routine. Even though I've done this swim 100 times before, I usually do it with just Trevor, this time there were a lot of others in the water with me. That made it a little different! About half way through, I got into a good rythym.

This is not a chip timed event, so my times are all rounded to the nearest minute by what my watch was telling me!

swim time 1/2 mile: 17 min

This was about 3 minutes faster than last year. awesome. I got out of the water and there was Trevor, still in the transition. I was kind of excited about that because I thought we could do the ride together, like we always do. He got out of tranisition ahead of me and said he'd take it slow so I could catch him.

T1: 4 minutes.

I had planned to take today nice and easy and just enjoy it. As I got to the bike mount line, the volunteer said "you are the fourth woman" and all of a sudden, I thought "I could place overall in this thing". From that point on, my heart rate was higher than I like to keep it and I pushed a little harder than I had planned.

I immediately passed one woman, that meant only two more in front of me! This course is really hilly, but as I've said, we've ridden it 100 times, I know every hill, every turn, every pothole. I eventually caught up to Trevor and told him that if he really wanted to compete today, to go ahead and not wait for me. So he did. He didn't get too far ahead of me. I'd pass him on the flats, he'd pass me on the downhills. I passed another girl - that meant only one more in front of me.

This ride went really quick to me. Before I knew it, I was making the final turn into the park and getting off my bike.

Bike 14 miles: 55 min

This transition went faster than most this year, not sure why.

T2: 3 min.

Now to the run. As I got out to the run start, the volunteer said, "You are the second woman". I knew this wouldn't last. I always lose it on the run!! I am not a fast runner. I am slow and steady. I felt pretty good and was running a bit faster than normal. It was hot out. By now it was about noon and there wasn't much shade on the path. At about mile 1, the first girl passed me and at about mile 1.5, the second passed me. No podium for me in the overall category. Oh well. I was still really doing good with my time. Last year took me 2:04 and this year I wanted to do it in about 1:45.

I saw Trevor and he looked good. We high fived and kept on going.

Run 3.1 miles: 30 min.

Total time: 1:49

I finished 4th overall woman and 1st in my age group (for the second year in a row). Trevor finished 2nd in his age group and had a good event today. We haven't been in the open water since Lake Stevens on August 16th. I expect we'll sleep good tonight!
I spent today thinking about a lot of things. First, I thought about this event last year and how hard it was. I realized how far I had come in just a year. Last year, we were planning to really challenge ourselves this year with an Olympic distance. Instead, we ended up doing a 1/2 Ironman and now are signed up for a Full Ironman for next summer.

I also thought about how this is the end of the season for triathlons. No more until next year. This was the last "just for fun" event we have. Next year it will all be training for the BIG ONE. Ironman Canada.

We met a lot of really great people today. One woman did Ironman Canada a few years ago and we'll keep in touch with her. I expect we'll do some long bike rides together and pick her brain for information!

Afterwards, we worked out booth, handed out samples, magazines and water bottles. It ended up being a super hot day and I was really wiped out.

The summer is over, the season is over. It makes me sad. Its been a good one and as always, I can't wait to see what the future brings.

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