Monday, August 17, 2009

Lake Stevens 70.3 weekend recap part 1

Lake Stevens is about 3 hours away from home. We got all our gear together Friday night and were pretty much ready to hit the road on Saturday morning. We left around 10 and figured that would give us plenty of time. We had to attend a race briefing before we could pick up our packet and check in our bike. I planned on being there in enough time to make the 2 pm briefing.

On the way up there, we had some good time to talk. I love road trips with Trevor because he is a captive audience and I can ask him about all kinds of stuff. I have all kinds of thoughts and feelings about this adventure we are about to take on. I asked Trevor why he wanted to do it. His response "because it sounded like fun." I asked what would get him through when things were rough and he said "the fact that there is a finish line". So simple.

I don't know that I would have decided to do this event on my own. Last year, after our very first triathlon, Trevor said to me "I think we could do an Ironman." I said no way and then started to give it some tought. And now, here we are. He planted the seed. Funny thing is that he does not remember that conversation and said he would have never wanted to do it if I hadn't "made him". I was hoping he would forget that it was my idea tomorrow. Otherwise, he might end up hating me!!

Traffic was a bit heavier than I expected and we made it to the hotel at 1:55. Just in time to squeeze into the room for the briefing. The race director and head referee spoke for about half an hour about the course and the rules. It was started to sink in that we were really going to do that. Holy crap.

Anyway - we got through the briefing, picked up our packet and our shirts. We checked into our room and then headed out to the Lake to check in our bikes.

There were a ton of cars out by the Lake. We found a place to park right by the bike check in. We would go into the transition area and set up our bikes at their appointed spaces. They would stay there overnight. Nice to not have to mess with that in the morning. We made a final check of the bikes, pumped up the tires and took a quick spin around main street. Then we checked in our bikes and walked down to look at the Lake.

The Lake was very calm. There were some people in it, testing out the waters. You can see the markers for the course and they seemed to go on forever. The Lake was lined with houses and that seemed really cool to me.

On our way back through transition I saw a guy putting on a tshirt that said "Max Muscle Montana". Of course, we stopped and talked to them. That was really neat! Go Max Muscle.

After walking around for a bit, we headed back into town and had some dinner. We got back to the hotel around 7 and were asleep by 9.

I had bad dreams about being on a cruise ship that was sinking. Don't know what that was about. Other than that, I slept really well.

Tomorrow is the day.

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