Saturday, February 7, 2009

Who is your biggest fan?

Everyone should have one....a biggest fan. The one person who is always signing your praises. The one person who thinks you walk on water and that there is no one in the world more awesome than you. This is the person who picks you up when you feel down and who is often more proud of your accomplishments than you are.

My friend Chris was in town this week and he came to our house for dinner. He was commenting on how much Trevor and I have both changed. These last few years have been tough for Chris - he's had a big career shift and it took a while to really get it done. He has the support of an incredible wife. She is his biggest fan, without a doubt. We were talking about the transformation that has taken place in Trevor over the last year. This transformation could not have taken place if he didn't have a biggest fan. I can tell you that my husband has a lot of fans. I, however, am his biggest one. We have done a lot together in the last year and I don't believe any of it would have happened if we were not each other's biggest fan.

Often times, we are our own biggest critic. I know that I am harder on myself than anyone else would ever be. I feel bad about myself more often than I would like. I think this is the case with most people. We beat ourselves up for not looking a certain way or behaving a certain way. When you really look at yourself, you will find that you are an amazing person, we all are, really. When I think of the things I do, the things I have accomplished and who I have become, I have much to be proud of. I find that on my worst days, people will pay me a compliment and I disregard it or dismiss it. Someone will say, "you look great today" and I'll say "Ugh, I don't feel great". Why do we do that?

I want to be my own biggest fan. When I think of all the things I have accomplished because I have Trevor as my biggest fan, I know the power of it. What would I accomplish if I was at least my own fan? Trevor can be my BIGGEST fan, but shouldn't I at least be a fan? When you know someone is your fan, you don't want to disappoint them, you work harder because of their faith and belief in you. Do that for yourself too. Be your own biggest fan and remember...your biggest fan is proud of you, no matter what.

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