Saturday, January 17, 2009

I love Patrick Swayze

I'm catching up on my posts today.

Patrick Swayze, yes, I love him. I loved him in Red Dawn, Dirty Dancing, Ghost and even Roadhouse. I've loved him since the 6th grade. If you came to my house right now, I could act out the entire movie Dirty Dancing - all the lines, from every character. Even though Baby was 16 and Johnny was over 21 and that is statuatory rape, but we won't get into that....I don't want him to die. I hate that he is sick - pancreatic cancer is bad news. His attitude is great, he's not giving up the fight, but his chances are not good and everyone knows it.

When did we get so old? I feel like I was just at the Deptford Cinema 6 with Jenn Sampson, sitting being Derrick D'oreo and Jeff Waters watching Dirty Dancing. Now, its 21 years later and Johnny Castle might not make it to see 2010?

When the time comes, I hope that Dr. Houseman remembers how Dirty Dancing ended and welcomes Johnny into heaven....where he can dance forever. Hopefully that time won't come soon.


Tina said...

I am so with you...I love him too. I saw him with Barbara Walters last week and almost cried the entire interview.

frankiecatpdx said...

My heart sank when I learned of Patrick Swayze's diagnosis. Been there, done that with my father, who I miss every day. Pancreatic cancer is a horrible, painful and fast moving cancer. Swayze faced it courageously. He was such a gift, and the world is a slightly lessor place without him.

frankiecatpdx said...

I just watched the final dance scene from Dirty Dancing last night. Patrick Swayze was such a huge talent and also heart throb for a generation of fans. He faced pancreatic cancer courageously but that cancer seems to always win in the end. The world is a little less of a place without him.