Saturday, July 19, 2008

China pictures

In front of the Bird's Nest - the Olympic stadium that is being built. We are only about a mile away. Nice air quality.
Locals praying at the Lama Temple. They were probably praying for the tourists to go away.
If I had no job and lived in Beijing - I would sing with this group at the Temple of Heaven. They were not very good. I would fit right in.
These are the 750 stairs I mentioned - this was how we got from the wall, back to the square.
In front of the sign that says, "The Entrance of the Great Wall".
There was a bit of a traffic jam here....see the stairs ahead of us.
We had just come down some stairs that looked like what we are about to go up.
Trevor on the wall during inspection day - on the right of him is a drop off - nothing but down.

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