Friday, November 23, 2012

Fosters Anastasia and Peppe and Romeo

 Our guy Romeo had a second chance at adoption. I talked to this family and was sure they would be perfect.  They said they were patient and could give him as much time as he needed.  Trevor and I took Romeo to their house on a Friday night, he seemed to like everyone just fine, was making himself at home.  He wasn't thrilled with the dad and would bark at him, but I figured that would dissapate over time.

Well, Sunday morning I got an email from the mom asking if we could talk.  When she called me, she was crying.  Romeo was so afraid of the dad that he had bitten everyone - he was growling and cowering and they couldn't keep him.  I am sure he would have settled down after some time, but there was no he came back to us.  Romeo was thrilled to be home and got right back into his routine.  We figure he will be with us for a while and started talking about bringing another foster dog into the mix.

I wasn't so sure we were ready for another dog in the house.  In the meantime, I got an email from the foster coordinator at the Humane Society of SW Washington - about a cat named Anastasia. She had been in an adoption center at a petstore for several months and was getting very depressed. She didn't want to be petted or held anymore.  She needed a break. I hit reply immediately and said we would take her.

I picked her up and brought her home to the cat room and she was so happy to be there.  She purred and rubbed against me. I told her she could stay with us as along as she liked.  It was nice to have a healthy cat in that room so we could bring our other pets in to see her.  Trevor spends about an hour with her every night before bed and then we both spend time with her during the day.  She likes being alone and is content in her room.    We are looking for the right home for her.

At the same time, we were still debating another foster dog.  I then got an eamil from the foster coordinator at SW about a dog named Peppe.  He is a Lhaso Apso who was an owner surrender because he barked at company and didn't get along with their other dog.  Peppe was so scared at the shelter that he curled up in a ball in the corner and would growl and charge anyone who got near him. He was so aggressive that the couldn't show him for adoption.  They had labeled him unadoptable and that means possible death at the shelter.  We were his last chance - they wanted him to come live with us and see if he was aggressive in our home.  This is so funny to me because our home is the ultimate test - 4 dogs and 5 cats....what a test. 

I wasn't sure this was the right thing, I was concerned, but Trevor said "go get him"  And I did.

We brought home this sweet little muppet face and have not had a single issue.  He gets along with EVERYONE.  He is so soft and loveable.  He seems very concerned about things and is constantly looking for permission.  Our dogs have done a great job showing him how we do things here.  Over the course of a week, he has learned how to fit into our pack.

I am so proud of our doggies, with each new foster that comes, they are less and less concerned.  When Wishbone, our first little foster dog came, they were obsessed with her, followed her everywhere and wouldn't let up.  With Peppe, they checked him out and then were like "okay, whatever, come lay on the couch" 

Peppe has finally relaxed, he will lay on the couch and roll onto his back while he sleeps - the ultimate show of comfort and trust.  We love this little guy and can't believe that someone gave him up.  The good news is that he has a meeting with a potential family tonight.  Romeo has been giving him pointers...hopefully he isn't listening, will do well and end up with his forever family by the end of the weekend.

For now, we continue to love our fosters, to show them a safe and warm place to lay their weary heads and to give them hope for better days

If you are interested in any of our foster, please contact the Humane Society of SW Washington.  Please adopt don't buy, foster, volunteer, donate, share.  The lives of animals literally depends on it.

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