Friday, September 2, 2011

A Marathon in 9 weeks

Last year was full of marathons. In 2010, we did 5 marathons and an Ironman Triathlon, so if you count the marathon at the end of that, then we did 6 marathons. This year, I have done one marathon, Trevor hasn't done any. We did the Rev3 half ironman triathlon in July and have been wandering aimlessly since then. Our workouts don't have a focus like they do when we are training for something. We have decided to do the Vineman full ironman in July, but its not really time to start serious training for that.

I really want to do another marathon this year. The only one that is close enough to home is the Columbia Gorge Marathon on October 23rd. We did this marathon last year and it was an awful day. You can read my race report here. I have brought up the idea of doing this one again and Trevor keeps saying no, he has no interest in doing that one again.

Here is the conversation we had the other day:
Me: I really think we should do the Columbia Gorge Marathon
Trevor: Okay

I guess I wore him down and so now we have decided that we'll do it (unless its a torrential downpour like last year and then we are going to breakfast instead). That means, we need to start training for a marathon. We've been running 3 times a week and our long runs are between 10 and 13 miles. We've got 9 weeks to get that up to 26.2 miles! We'll do 18 on Sunday and that will give us a pretty good indication of how the next 9 weeks will go.

I am actually really excited at the chance to redeem myself on the Gorge course. They've changed it a bit this year and I am interested to see if its any easier. Last year I was so disappointed at the weather. I have dreams of this marathon being run in the crisp fall air under blue skies and falling yellow leaves. That's what I want this year. I guess we'll see on October 23rd. For now...its time to run!!!

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