Friday, March 12, 2010

Time to relax???

I thought that once the Half Marathon was over, I would have plenty of time to kick back and relax. I must have been trying to make myself feel better...I was, FOR SURE, lying to myself.

We just opened up registration for our next event - the Max Muscle Vancouver Spring Kick Off 5k/10k on April 18th and are getting ready to open registration for our Parade Run/Walk on May 15th - it will run the route of the Hazel Dell Parade of Bands, right before the parade. Very cool. I have lots to do for both and time is really getting away from me.

Add into this, my race directorship of the ARC in Motion 10k on June 12th and all of our training for marathons and triathlons, including a little thing called IRONMAN CANADA on August 29th.

Our first triathlon of the season will be the Pacific Crest Half Iron distance at the end of June. Nothing like easing ourselves into it. Go big or go home, right? I have just started to have my pre-race anxiety...right on schedule. I need to get online and research all I can about this event. I need to know all the particulars and read some race reports.

Our training is coming along just fine. Its tough to get in the bike riding outside due to the rain, but we've been taking lots of spin classes. Soon enough we'll be outside. We have a marathon on April 11th - Whidbey Island, so I would say our running is probably our strong suit right now. My swimming is pretty good, I will feel better when we can start doing some open water swims - the pool isn't the same AT ALL and its tough to train race specific in the pool.

Here is what this week has entailed...
Monday - 70 min Spin class
Tuesday am - 40 min run
Tuesday pm - 60 min strength training
Wed am - 40 min swim/70 min spin class
Wed pm - boot camp. ugh. weights/cardio/high heart rate
Thursday - rest. I needed it!
Friday - 70 min run/60 min swim
Sat will be 90 min spin
Sun will be 9 mile run

This is a bit of an easy week - next Sunday will be our 21 miler for our marathon training. Wow-wee!!!

It seems like everyday is over before I even realize it has started. I find myself getting into bed and feeling like I JUST got out of bed.

Through all this we have our crazy animals. Wookie is hanging in there - he's lost quite a bit of weight. He has good days and bad days. I never really know how he'll be when I get home. He seems really restless, like he can't get comfortable - he lays down for a while, then gets up and moves. Sometimes he has trouble going up the stairs. Trevor has helped him a few times. We give him lots of treats, lots of love. Some nights, I just sit on the floor and pet him for hours. He likes that.

We had a scare with Gus earlier this week. He has his tail removed about three years ago because of a cancerous tumor. The other night, I noticed a big open sore on his little nub of a tail. I was sure it was his cancer. We got him into the vet and found it was an abcess and infection. We are treating that and hoping he gets back to normal soon. The thought of two pets with cancer at the same time was more than I could stand.

We are just taking each day as it comes, knowing the inevitable will happen at some point. We try really hard not to think about it but at the same time, we want Wookie to know its okay. That it will all be okay.

Things are crazy around here, just like always. And we keep plugging away....I just have one question - when will we have time to relax??

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